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In the heart of Bordeaux, Descriaux Avocats provides you with its sharp expertise of private and public law to best defend your interests.

Whether you are an individual, manage a business, or represent a public body, your trust fuels our commitment. Our close-knit team offers you meticulous and tailor-made support, built on a close relationship and attention to detail.

We share our areas of interest to offer you a complete service ranging from personalised advice to taking charge of litigations.

Why us?

Descriaux Avocats distinguishes itself as part of the Bordeaux’ judicial landscape. Humane, engaged and tenacious for all clients, it is also:


You have an urgent matter? A worry? Descriaux Avocats is available at any moment. Every lawyer is involved in your dossiers and our response rate is always fast.


Foreign residents, would you like to benefit from advice concerning starting your own business in France, making a transaction, sorting a cross-border litigation or protecting your family and your estate?
Mrs Caparros, who is Franco-British, will use her native English to shed light on and accompany you in your administrative and judicial procedures.


Because Descriaux Avocats is at the cutting edge, we have embraced the digital age and now offer our clients the acte d’avocat. This virtual tool guarantees the conservation and safeguarding of judicial acts passed between individuals and businesses in all areas of law.
The acte d’avocat has many assets: a certified date, an accelerated signature, face to face or at a distance without postal delays, a long-term archiving and online access for clients. The acte d’avocat also possesses a superior probative force to a private deed not previously countersigned by a lawyer, such as a sales agreement by private deed usually prepared by the solicitors.


We get involved in your dossier, in the long and short term, whether this implies the application of civil, criminal or administrative law. Our advisory approach allows you to make your decisions serenely, with a perfect knowledge of the regulatory environment. Our enhanced expertise of litigations allows us to assist you and represent you in every step of the procedure by making sure all legal regulations are scrupulously respected. Appeals, judicial reviews in criminal proceedings, priority preliminary rulings on the issue of constitutionality (QPC), a referral to the European court of human rights: we do our utmost to preserve your best interests.

Areas of expertise

Our team of lawyers is multi-disciplined to allow the complete undertaking of your dossier.
We work in all fields of law. If you see yourself in one of the following situations, don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Public law

  • You are a public legal entity and you would like help with writing or with a litigation
  • You are an individual and would like to challenge an administrative decision 


Planning, property and construction law

  • You would like to start a housing project
  • You have a building project
  • You would like to protect the environment and urban planning
  • You encounter a legal problem before or after the construction of your project

Public contract law

  • You are a public legal entity and you need assistance in public procurement procedure
  • You are a company and you would like to apply to tender calls

Business law and Intellectual property

  • Support for the creation of companies and legal follow-up
  • Assistance in transfers and mergers/acquisitions
  • Support in the takeover of a company in the context of a collective procedure
  • Supporting companies in their development strategy in terms of intellectual property and protection of their rights

Immigration law

  • You would like to apply for resident permit
  • You would like to challenge a refusal of redisent permit, an obligation to leave French territory, or/and an house arrest
  • You would like to made an application to naturalization

Criminal law

  • You are a victim of an offense and would like to file an official complaint.
  • You are summoned to the police station, or to court.

Discussing your needs

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