Areas of expertise

Public law

Descriaux Avocats intervenes in all domains of public law. We advise and represent individuals (who would like to contest an administative decision) as well as public authorities (legal advice to local authorities).
You are a public legal entity

Our firm can assist you in the writing of deliberations, of an answer to the initial administrative appeals, protocols of agreement, contracts…

For many years and on a daily basis, we have assisted numerous communes in the Gironde department which we also represent with respect to administrative jurisdictions.

Our experience with litigations enables us to represent and accompany you in numerous domains such as markets and public contracts, the civil service, the administrative responsability, the pre-emption, public ownership…

Our experience in terms of town planning enables us to advise you on each step of the elaboration, modification and revision processes of the planning documents and to ensure their perennity (Administrative court of appeal of Bordeaux, 18/06/2013)

You are an individual
Our firm can represent you and defend your interests with respect to the administration and/or the administrative jurisdictions.

In order to do so, we can contest all administrative decisions in your name via an amicable recourse with respect to the administration in charge of the decision or via an action for annulment with respect to the administrative tribunal or all other specialised administrative jurisdictions.

If the administration has caused you harm (public works accident, workplace accident, dismissal, your property has been illegally preempted…), we can take a liability action in your name in order to obtain reparation and compensation for your prejudice.

Planning, property and construction law

You have a building project
We are able to review your project to ensure it complies with building regulations in order to optimise your chances of seeing your project come to light.

You already have a planning permit for your project (building permit, planning permission, notification permit…), but this permit has been contested. We ensure your defense with respect to administrative jurisdictions.

The administration has refused to grant you the planning permission necessary for the execution of your project (building permit, parcel division, preliminary declaration of works…) We can contest, in your interest, this refusal with respect to the administration by way of a deposition or in court.

You would like the protect the environment and urban planning
You would like to contest construction works, new planning laws (local urban planning, the Coherent Territorial Planning Scheme…), we can form in your interest an amicable appeal with respect to the administration or contest the construction/PLU (local town planning)/SCoT (territorial coherence scheme) directly to the tribunal.
You are confronted by a legal problem during and after the construction of your project.
You have established defects, construction faults, the finished product doesn’t correspond to what you ordered.

We offer to act in your interest in front of the civil jurisdictions and to assist you with the legal expertise in order to obtain reparation for your damages.

You would like to lead a real estate project

We will accompany you in the transfer or purchase of your goods notably by the writing of your sales agreement or sale commitment.

We also offer to write your property company statuses and/or your co-ownership settlement.

Public contract law

You are a public legal entity and you need assistance in public procurement procedure

Our firm supports you in all stages of contracting public procurement.

We advise you in particular:

– In preparing the contract

– In the choice of the procurement procedure

– In the initiation of the procurement procedure

– During the application and offer phases

– In the completion of the procedure and the execution of the contract.

Our litigation experience allows us to represent you before the courts in litigation proceedings (pre-contractual and contractual summary proceedings, recourse by third parties to contest the validity of the contract, compensation recourse, etc.).

We also provide advice and assistance to project management and in the context of settlement of disputes and out-of-court disputes.

You are a company and you would like to apply to tender calls

Our firm supports, advises and assists you in your response strategy to the various consultations (calls for tenders, negotiated procedures, etc…)

We also offer you full monitoring during the execution phases of your contracts and complaints.

Our litigation experience allows us to represent you before the courts in litigation proceedings (pre-contractual and contractual summary proceedings, appeal against the validity of the contract, claims for compensation, etc.).

Business law and Intellectual property

Support for the creation of companies and legal follow-up

We advise you on the choice of legal structure for your company.

We draft the company’s articles of association and the partners’ agreement.

Our firm also manages the procedures for approving the accounts and organising the general meetings (convening, drafting the minutes of the general meeting, filing the annual accounts with the Registrar, keeping and updating the company registers)

Assistance in transfers and mergers/acquisitions

We accompany you through the various stages

– Confidentiality agreements

– Preparation and negotiation of financial and legal conditions

– Letter of intent (confidentiality, exclusivity and/or non-competition clauses, asset and liability guarantees, post-sale support)

– Acquisition audit (due diligence)                                       

– Drafting of the memorandum of understanding detailing the entire transaction, the price and the payment terms

– Acquisitions: legal audit of the target company, assistance in the various phases of negotiation, takeover, completion of formalities, drafting of the compromise and the final deed

Support in the takeover of a company in the context of a collective procedure

In order to take over a company, a takeover offer must be submitted, the content of which must comply with the legal provisions.

We support you from the drafting of the takeover offer to be submitted to the court until the court examines the offers and decides on the successful offer.

Supporting companies in their development strategy in terms of intellectual property and protection of their rights

You would like to secure and protect your project : We support you in creating and protecting of your intellectual property rights at national, European and international levels (filing and registration of trademarks, patents, designs and models)

Immigration law

You would like to apply for resident permit

The firm assists you in your requests for a residence permit from the “prefecture or sous-prefecture” of your place of residence.

We prepare your application for a residence permit and we take care of sending it to the immigration services.

Following the submission of your file, the firm will assist you until your permit to stay on French soil is issued.

You would like to challenge a refusal of redisent permit, an obligation to leave French territory, or/and an house arrest

Our experience in administrative litigation allows us to assist you in contesting your refusal of a residence permit, obligation to leave French territory and / or house arrest, even in case of emergency.

You would like to made an application to naturalization

Our firm supports and advises you in your naturalization requests, registration of declaration of French nationality and certificate of nationality.

In the event that your requests are denied, we can also assist you in your recourse.

Criminal law

We organise your defense in the context of a criminal offense, whether you are the victim or the perpetrator.
You are the victim of an offense and would like to file a complaint
We will assist you for all of the different procedures. We are by your side during the criminal trial and will advise you on the attitude to adopt to ask for a reparation concerning the prejudices that you have suffered (property – theft, fraud– or physical damage–violence, agression). We put everything in place for our clients to be compensated by the identified culprits of the offense. We shed light on the decisions to be taken and ensure a rigorous follow-up of the investigation or trial.
You are summoned to the police station or to court
You have just committed an offense and have to explain yourself in the criminal court or in front of the investigating judge. The lawyer’s assistance is indispensable : we consult you and give you the most informed advice. In any situation, we make sure the rules of criminal procedure are respected in order to defend your interests.

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